Discworld inspired Susan Death & Death of Rats on ebay

DSCF3709 DSCF3711 DSCF3715

Here are a few pics of my latest Discworld-inspired character doll, Susan Death and Death of Rats, listed today on ebay – visit the listing page for more details 🙂 xx

Angelina Jolie OOAK repaint on Fashion Fever Barbie

Fashion Fever head

This was a Fashion Fever Barbie head that had faded quite a bit – a few months ago I repainted her lips and teeth as above. In the last few days I decided to have a go at making Angelina Jolie in ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ – I’ve tried Angelina repaints previously on Xena Warrior Princess and Maleficent, but never from a Barbie. Here’s the result after three days’ work with acrylic paints and a bit of pastel:


I also curled her hair and brushed it out before tying it up in a ponytail. I like the expression I’ve achieved here, eyebrows slightly raised to go with the smile – I haven’t seen that done before on an Angelina repaint. I think it works because this Barbie had a higher forehead than some.


I’ve found a Ken doll, so he will be next as Brad – I haven’t done a male celebrity repaint yet so that will be fun 🙂

Lisa xx

Moist von Lipwig OOAK doll and Lady Gaga repaint

Moist von Lipwig commissioned doll

Here’s Moist von Lipwig of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett – a request recently made to me by a family friend. He’s an acrylic repaint on a Jackson Jekkyl Monster high boy doll. As usual I managed to make his outfit reversible.


As well as his face, I repainted his boots. His post-bags are knitted in basket-weave stitch and then the AM logo embroidered on. I also made him a black briefcase/satchel for his incarnation as Albert Spangler. He has grey knitted long-johns as well.

I’ve had a few requests to see more Discworld characters in my collection, but I’m also practising other styles for my repertoire. This is a second-hand superstar-era Barbie doll that I’m turning into Lady Gaga from her video for ‘Telephone’:

Lady Gaga repainted Barbie doll by Lisa Scullard

I highlighted her straight blonde hair with a yellow Sharpie before curling it using the boil perm method. then gave her an acrylic/pastel repaint. Due to her face shape and structure, she still looks much more like a Barbie than Lady Gaga, but I’m looking forward to having fun with making the outfits for her 🙂

This was her ‘before’ picture – below on the left. Like the AA Barbie on the right, she’d had a very rough repaint earlier while I was practising, had really nice long straight hair to play with, but then I’d put her aside while I worked on my Tiffany Aching charity doll and Moist von Lipwig, as well as the Kung Fu Saffron dolls I donated (I must make a few more of those to actually sell!).


I pulled her out again on Friday to have a go at making Lady Gaga, and I’m really pleased so far – kind of shocked how my skills/style has developed over the last few months too. A lot of it is mainly getting better brushes and materials to work with – when I made Tiffany, I still only owned one usable paintbrush! 🙂

So I’m really pleased with my improvement already – I hope other people can tell the difference too 🙂


I’ve currently got one of my hybrid rescue Barbies on ebay that I redressed in a customised reversible Disney Cinderella dress – she’s been restyled by me for play or display, as I do with any doll I’m not keeping or completely revamping. That way I can sell things at lower prices for fun and for anyone to enjoy – check her out below:



OOAK Discworld inspired Tiffany Aching Monster High hybrid doll on ebay UK (for JustGiving)


For auction now – profits will go to RICE (Research Institute for the Care of Older People) via Lynsey Dalladay’s JustGiving page dedicated to Terry Pratchett. For full details and photos, please visit the listing.

UPDATE: Tiffany sold after 25 bids for £56, and on the following Saturday I made the 80% (rounded up!) donation of £45 to the cause. I’m very proud to have been able to do so, and also to have a happy customer 🙂

OOAK Maleficent custom doll for sale on ebay UK

Maleficent & outfits by Lisa Scullard

Maleficent and outfits by Lisa (Screen Kiss Dolls) on ebay UK

Listing text reads:

I’ve just finished customizing this 13.5″ Maleficent doll while recovering from surgery on a sports injury. I’m pleased with how she turned out and already have some interest, including from a friend with a shop – so I thought I would list her on here first at a silly price to gauge serious interest – if a similar offer comes from elsewhere, the listing might end early if she’s no longer available.

All the sewing (and painting of course) is by hand, as my sewing machine is more busted than I am (and I wouldn’t be able to lift it out of its storage place anyway at the moment!) 🙂
Maleficent repaint/hybrid, OOAK customised outfit by Lisa Scullard
This Maleficent doll started out as an acrylic repaint I did on a basic character doll (see pic 12) which had a nice quality head but a very plain face print to start with. I then discarded the body which seemed a bit light and fragile, and replaced it with a far more durable 2009 copyrighted fully articulated Mattel Barbie Fashionista body, so she’s now a ‘hybrid’ and has the full range of secure head movement and other articulations (no additional neck adaptations required).
I took the wing collar off the original dress from the character doll, and customized the dress with some beads around the neckline, a petticoat frill made out of chiffon and lace, a lace train with beads on the hem, and some ribbon. I had to fit the dress velcro slightly better on the back (the whole dress is fitted to ‘swirl’ rather than hang straight), to go over the new jumpsuit with the wing collar attached, which I made from scratch out of black stretch cotton canvas dress fabric, and has beads around the wrists (a mixture of new and vintage beads) a popper fastening, and ribbon corset lacing (all clothing is removable, except for the original Maleficent horned head-dress).
I then made the cloak as well (from the scene at night in the woods in the Disney ‘Maleficent’ movie), out of black chiffon lined with anti-static garment lining, and knitted the fake fur trim out of 3 different strands of polyester chenille yarn before sewing it around the borders, collar and cuffs. I used hooks and eyes to make the cloak’s fasteners. I embroidered labels as well for fun 🙂
I stuck tiny craft gems on her fingers as jewellery using Araldite 2-part resin, and made her a staff out of a Toy Biz action figure fighting stick and the top of a plastic princess doll sceptre, stuck in place using Araldite again and painted black and metallic green before varnishing and double-securing with a short brown ribbon binding over the resin. The Victorian-style black boots came with the original character doll.
The doll’s face repaint is sealed with Super Clear matt acrylic model fixative sealant, and then glossed over the lips and eyes. She’s also labelled on the back in otherwise invisible UV marker.
If anyone actually bids she will be sent boxed & recorded delivery, or can be delivered in person locally.
This is my first proper full-on custom OOAK doll for sale, and I’ve really enjoyed it – took my mind off the surgery all right! 🙂

Monster High Cleo on Spin Master Liv body

Kung Fu Saffron by Lisa Scullard

This Saffron (Republica) Kung Fu action figure is a 1:6 scale based on a Spin Master Liv body and Monster High Cleo de Nile head.

The face tattoo I removed and re-blushed, the fringe painted acrylic red/pearl, eye colour repainted brown and re-glossed after fixing with Mr Hobby Super Clear Flat Matt, and the quilted Kung Fu jumpsuit I both sewed and appliqued/embroidered by hand. My favourite already 🙂 I’ll post a tutorial gallery on the outfit soon.

I’ve since had several commissions based on this one doll, so I’m really pleased 🙂

Welcome to Screen Kiss Dolls :)

Here’s where I’ll be posting my works in progress of OOAK and hybrid doll creations, and the occasional cosplay I’ve put together for events and conventions.

I’m a novice, so hopefully you’ll get to see me improve over time! 🙂

My name is Lisa, and I live in the New Forest, UK, where I enjoy writing, painting and sewing.

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